Raiz Cuba

We are an institution identified by keeping alive Cuban roots, legacy of our African antecessors. Cuba is a mix of those influences and the European and Caribbean that migrate to Cuba, such as: Spain, France, England, Haiti, China, Jamaica, among others.

That´s why we are so rich in the variety of races, dances, foods, drinks, and the joy of our people. Cuba, beneath those tropical rays of sun, the heat of friendship, and the reflex of our blue sky, here you will find a personalized attention in our academy, that will make you feel home from your first day.

We have a high technical, professional level and take very serious our work and our clients.

We build a bridge that breaks the idiomatic barriers.

We´re not only a dance school, with us you can enjoy a pleasant stay across the country, in the best colonial houses and modern apartments according to our clients wishes.

Our teachers are graduated from the best art schools in our country, they have a vast experience in Cuba and other countries.

We master all traditional and popular dance styles of our country, you will learn them with us, also the top dance styles in Europe.

If you are a lover of nature and fresh air, you will feel very good with our lessons at the open air, in terraces and yards. If you´re not comfortable in that environment, you can always reserve an acclimatized room, we can adapt to your demands so you can feel great in our company.

We would like for you to learn not only our dance styles, but also our traditions, history, language, so you can feel better during your lessons and get to know better the versatility of Cubans.

That´s why we called ourselves Raiz Cuba, because we go all the way teaching the dance styles originated in our country, which are enjoyed internationally nowadays, here in Raiz Cuba Academy Dance you can learn those dance styles and much more that comes from our roots.

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