Bachata is a musical genre originating from the Dominican Republic, in what is called urban folklore. A hybrid of rhythmic bolero is considered with other styles such as the Cuban Son, bolero son and merengue.
In the implementation of traditional bachata, maracas were replaced by güira, virtuous and free implementation of own bongo of Cuban son was assumed and guitars joined the style so popular Latin trios in Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico. At first bachata it was named as "bolero guitar"
During the 60s and early 70s, dismissed as music of the lower classes, was known as "bitter music", referring to the state of melancholy caused by indifference and used to be reflected in the theme of the compositions. Its spread in those years, was limited to some few stations as it was considered a little less vulgar music.
The massive interest rate arose from the 80s, with great presence that reached the pace in the media.
The bachata today is marked by the emergence of digital forms of music and the introduction of other airs and instruments, in addition to mergers with other musical genres. In the lyrics feel an influence of pink stage, in contrast to the double erotic-sexual sense of the above bachata to 80. However, the sense that it had given rise as expressions of love-indifference is maintained, nostalgia and lifestyles proposal where the woman is the original source of love and desire.
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