Chachachá is a native rhythm of Cuba created from the Danzon and danzona by a Cuban composer and violinist named Enrique habanero Jorrín in 1963
The influence of Danzon:
These modified fragments liked both the public who decided them independent of Danzon up to what he called cha-cha-cha.
The instrumentation was originally chachachá timpani, piano, electric bass, flute and violins section. The rise of chachachá promoted this type of grouping, which was losing popularity. The main groups that were interpreted African Orchestra, Orchestra of Castile, Cuddly, the "Orchestra Enrique".
The first compound chachachá was deceptive. This dance is one basic step, but has numerous figures and combinations. His name was designated by the noise that made the dancers with their feet to dance, its disintegration by young was what gave rise to what we know as casino (salsa).


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