• Adahina

Name: Adahina Hay Jova.
Position: Director of Root Cuba Dance Academy.
Experience: 17 years
I started my arts at the age of 10 years participating in vocational circles of interest concerns. At the age of 18 I decided to devote myself to the career of professional dancer, that's when I started taking different courses in arts institutions of great importance in the country, as is the American theater, national theater and last but not least the set Folklorico Nacional de Cuba was where I specialized in the genre of my choice would dance: Afro Cuban folklore and Cuban traditional folk dancing.
In this institution I could take classes and meet great personalities of Cuban culture, as Zenaida Armenteros, Miguel Rubina, Deysi Romero, Domingo Pao, Lazaro Ross and other great figures of Cuban folklore, I was about three years specializing in different dance genres, as:
Yoruba, rumba, French-Haitian dances, Congo and dances among others.
I also received the materials of song, theater, dance and variety (show).
Later I went to audition for work in professional companies and trasladándome to Varadero where I worked about two years and interact with other groups such as Columbia harbor and other local companies.
After 2 years in dry dock working the show (variety) and the Afro-Cuban folklore, return to Havana and I joined the group space where I worked three months for a cultural exchange with France.
Then I start working with the folk group Okan Tomi a year and then with deeper roots with the teacher Juan de God.
Then became part of the Conjunto Folklorico de la Habana "Orisha Oko" where I spent five years, there I play solo dancer, I received singing and theater.
After a while I leave that company and returned to dock to work with Omo Olorun would dance group.
My last moments as a professional dancer's step in the company JJ
From there I start desempeñarme in turning tourists professor visitor in our country and I decided to devote myself entirely to this activity.
Languages: Spanish, English, French and German.
Would dance specialty: variety (female and male style) Afro Cuban folklore (feminine and masculine style rumba, Yoruba dances), traditional dances Cubans, danzon and other international dance, body movement.
Events in which he participated: "The longest rumba" La Habana (CUBADISCO 2008) dedicated to Africa and its diaspora. Sponsored by CPM Nacional Ignacio Pineiro and UJC.
International workshop of modern and African dance latino (2011)
Cuban Culture Day show "We Are Here" Company of Cuba JJ traditional dances in honor of our Cuban culture personalities, Alicia Alonso (absolute prima ballerina), Maria Teresa Linares (Researcher of our culture), Zenaida Armenteros (National Award dance) and our five heroes imprisoned by the imperio.2008
Drums of Bejucal.
Gala at the Teatro Astral on the anniversary of the town of San Cristobal.


  • Arletis
  • Cossette
  • Dayra
  • Guayo
  • Haldem
  • Isabel
  • María
  • Miriam
  • Arianna
  • Frank
  • Raniel
  • Pedro
  • Willian
  • Daniel

Name: Francis Arletis
Occupation: Professor of dance
  • Vocational School of Art Guantánamo, Regino E. boti
  • (Elementary level dance)
  • House of provincial culture of Guantánamo.
  • Academy Dance Company "free dance" and "fragmented dance"
  • University computer science U.C.I
  • Spanish
  • basic level of English.
Work experience:
  • Company "Danza Libre"
  • Company "Broken Dance".
  • Currently Root Cuba Academy Dance Company.
Events that have participated:
  • Guantanamera Festival
  • Anniversary of free dance company dedicated to Elfride Mather.
  • Afrocuban dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Popular Dances.

Name: Cossette of Charity Bazan Rodriguez
Current Occupation: Student
Courses Received:
  • Specialization Course Traditional Dances Gallegas.Centro Gallego in Havana. Teacher: Marilín García. (2011)
  • Specialization Course Traditional Dances Gallegas.Profesor: Miguel Sotelo Isaac Vidal. (2012)
  • Summer courses with Sea Foam project (2003-2009)
  • Summer Courses FAAC (2010-12)
  • INTERNATIONAL CUBALLET Summer Courses in Prodanza Center (2006-2008-2010 and 12).
  • Basic Course of Flamenco and Spanish dance, castanets, shawl, Fan and Bolero School. Teacher: Haldem Lopez.
Courses Taught:
  • Summer Course A Mi Aire Flamenco Company (2013).
Prizes and Awards received:
  • Recognition as a participant in editions of prints from Spain.
  • Recognition for participation in the 1st meeting fans intermunicipal Houses of Culture, held in August 2011, Casa de Cultura Justo Vega.
  • Diploma Course for Spanish Dance Ballet 2009-2010 Spanish Donaire.
  • Municipal Meeting of the Dance: Roots 2011 (January 2011)
  • Diploma for participation in the activities of the Summer 2010 Plan as a member of the Spanish Ballet Company Donaire and between two Aguas.Español

Events that have participated:

  • Awards Hope 2010
  • Gala of Cubans to the Virgen de la Caridad
  • First Festival of Spanish Culture
  • Spanish Festival of Music and Dance Raul Soto in Memoriam, 2nd Festival of Spanish Culture in Cuba.
  • Week Day Andaluza in the Asturian Jornada.
  • Festivals Romerías the Andalusian Center of Havana and in the Day of Culture of Old Havana.
  • Show for the anniversary of the founding of the association in Matanzas Asturiana
  • Anniversary Show Ballet Spanish Donaire.
  • Participation in the Festival Colla (Matanzas).
  • Presentation dedicated to Our Lady of Charity Parish of Our Lady of Charity
  • Celebration of National Culture: Grand Lodge of Cuba.
  • Artistic 5th Anniversary Gala de la Peña El Patio de Rudi.
  • Gala Flamenca event My Air Company.

Name: Dayra Hay Jova
  • Assistant Director of the Company Raiz Cuba Dance Academy.
  • intensive care nurse
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Basic Portuguese
  • Basic German.
Dayra There Jova is responsible in Cuba to give the required attention to our customers.
Any concerns, problems or complaints you have in Cuba can talk to her without any problems and she will help.
She will be responsible to assist you from your arrival at the airport until their return to their country, as well as arrange transportation, and lodging types in other provinces if that were your desire.
Always be in the first class last to ensure your comfort, be she who receives your payment after class.

Name: Ricardo de la Cruz Tissiaut
Current Occupation: Musician Instrumentalist (percussion)
Workplace: Musical Promotora Benny Moré.
Education: Culture House Centro Habana
Assessments made: 3
Category: Musician 1st level with guarantee of professionalism.
Years of experience: 25 years.
Other companies that has belonged:
  • Adolfo Guzman
  • Ignacio Piñeiro
  • Gaviota.
Groupings to which has belonged:
  • They are the neighborhood
  • Group Alberto Tosca
  • caribou
  • Manguaré
  • Clave Cubana
  • Perfect chemistry
  • LVM (Life Itself)
Discs that have participated:
  • Cd Zemus the important saxophonist musician Orlandito Cuba -JAZZ (EGREM).
  • Cd get my key grouping are Cuban (Ahi Na'ma music).
  • French bassist Eddy Cd gaulein-stef involving pooch Valdez.
  • Cd singer Carmen flowers (hence `ma na music)
  • Rolo Cd singer Martínez (there na`ma)
International Tours:
  • Italy
  • Granada
  • Barbados
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Dominican Republic
  • Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Name: Haldem Lopez Barrera
Current Occupation:
  • Lic. History of Art.
  • 1st Régisseur Dancer and the Flamenco Company "My Air" - Centro Andaluz de La Habana
  • Member of the AHS (Performing Arts)
Courses Received:
  • Diploma in Mexican Culture.
  • Graduate Medieval Music and Dance and Music Company Renacentistascon Antigua Ars Longa. University of San Jerónimo of Havana.
  • Cheers technique / Bulerías / Tanguillos.Profesora: Cristina Hoyos and Company. (2006)
  • Castanets technique. Teacher: Doña Paz Days Lemus. Founder of the "Flemish Aires Company". (1998)
  • Bulerías.Profesora technique. Nairobis Figueredo (1st dancer "Flamenca Aires Company" (2002)
  • Technical Bata de Cola, Shawl, Staff and Abanicos.Profesora: Sandra Baras (1st Flamenco dancer Aires Company). (2002)
  • Manuel Bellido technique Alegríaspor Belmonte, a professor of flamenco in Barcelona, invited by the Ministry of Culture of the Embassy of Spain in Cuba for the delivery of this course. (2011)
  • Technical Bulerías / Solea / Caracolapor Sandra Baras and the Company "Alma Flamenca". (2010)
  • Specialization Course Traditional Dances Gallegas.Centro Gallego in Havana. Teacher: Marilín García. (2011)
  • Specialization Course Traditional Dances Gallegas.Profesor: MiguelIsaac Sotelo Vidal. (2012)
  • Specialization Scholarship Galician Traditional Dances. Escolas Abertas 2012.Lugo, Galicia, Spain. (August 2012)
Courses Taught:
  • Basic Flamenco (School of Dance Federation of Associations Asturianas Cuba)
  • Intensive Summer Courses Prodanza Center of Havana.
  • Programs in Spanish Dances for art instructors. (Provincia de Cultura de La Habana)
  • Programs and Bolero School. (Soul Rhythms Company)
  • Castanets Courses techniques. (Aires of Spain Company)
  • Intensive Summer Courses of Spanish Societies: Monterroso and Antas de Uya, Children of the City of Capela, Balearic Society of Havana, Havana Club Villarino, Cultural Society, Arts Gallega.
  • Cuballet 2010
Lectures Taught:
  • "I dunha Inmortalidadade Faces" .Center Gallego de La Habana. (May 2010)
  • "Two Virgins and Paradigm" Julio Antonio Mella Amphitheatre of the Faculty of Arts and Letters. (November 2011)
  • "Variations produced in the scenic wardrobe Hispanic influence in Havana from 1986-2012". Chair Latinoamericana. Faculty of Arts and Letters. (September 2012).
  • "Hispanic Influence on Colonial painting in Cuba. '' Room Colonial Art Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Cuban Art Building. (December 2012).
  • "Changes in Cuban music Spanish accent in the last three decades" Latin American .Cátedra of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (January 2013).
  • "From Mythical Mexican Realism to Real Wonderful Cubano" .Diplomado in Mexican Culture. Chamber of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Cuban Art Building. (October 2012)
Prizes and Awards received:
  • 1st place solo Amateurs danzario.Festival of Art and Literature in the Military school Camilo Cienfuegos (EMCC Capdevila at baseline, municipal and provincial.) (1998)
  • 1st Place danzario.Festival solo amateur arts and literature. EMCC Capdevila. (1999)
  • 1st Place in danzario duo. Festival fans art and literature. EMCC Capdevila. (1999)
  • 1st solo Amateur danzario.Festival the Art of EMCC to baseline, municipal and provincial place. (2000)
  • 1st place Trio Danzarioen Amateurs Festival EMCC Art. (2001-2002).
  • 1st prize in European folklore dance to Dúo.Especialidad for participation in the festival fans FEEM. (2004)
  • Award as a choreographer in the Pioneers Cultural Festival held at the Casa de Cultura Just Vega. Dance group '' Entre dos Aguas '' Work In Cerro Alto. (Tango Flamenco) (2004).
  • 1st Prize Gold Soloist Danzario in the Provincial Festival of the Federation of University Students. (2005) Malaga Work
  • 1st prize as a choreographer in the Festival of Culture Pioneers. Casa de Cultura Justo Vega. Dance group '' Entre dos Aguas '' Work Paya or Gitana (Rumba Flamenca) (2005).
  • Mention in the choreographic competition sponsored by the Litz Alfonso Ballet with obraContamíname (2006)
  • Mention in the contest Sevillanito summer course Spanish Ballet of Cuba, under the direction of Andrea Mendez teaching and general direction of Eduardo Veitia (2006)
  • Grand Prize at the Provincial Festival of Youth Clubs Videos (2006) Red Mill Work
  • Award at the Festival of Pioneers of the cultural center of the municipality Arroyo Naranjo. Entre dos Aguas dance group. (Today Ballet Spanish Donaire) Work Saradonga (Rumba Flamenca) (2006)
  • 1st Prize of gold in the Provincial Culture Festival FEU (2006).
  • Silver Award Festivals culture of FEU (2007) Work Danzarte
  • Special for Best Actor in culture festivals FEU (2007) Tanguillo-Luna Legend Award
  • Award for choreography in the Pioneers Festival. Work Artesian (Spanish Classic) (2007)
  • Award as a choreographer in the Pioneers Festival Casa de Cultura Justo Vega, with the Malagueña work (Classical Spanish) (2008)
  • Silver Award in the provincial Festival FEU with the work Brief Life. (2008)
  • Gold medal at the Festival FEU Culture at the University of Havana (2009)
  • First place in the Festival FEU Culture at the University of Havana (2009).
  • 1st Prize for Best Show and Identity Award. Show '' Tropicana 90th Anniversary '' awarded by the Provincial Council of University Extension (2010)
  • Two Gold Awards in international folklore, granted by the Provincial Council of University Extension (2010) Malaga Works (Spanish classical) yCuerdas (fusion).
  • Gold Award in the Cultural Festival FEU University of Havana. (2011) Work Adagio
  • Bronze Award in the Cultural Festival FEU University of Havana. (2011) Work Phantom of the Opera.
  • Oros Awards at the Cultural Festival FEU University of Havana. (2012) Works. Florida, Adagio ?, untimely, Arabic Fusion, Song for Grandma.
  • Gold Awards for Culture festival FEU University of Havana (2013)
  • Awards for Best Actor (2005- 2013). Culture Festivals FEU.
Mounted Shows:
  • "Tribute to the 90th Anniversary of Tropicana" (2010)
  • "Shows Ballet Spanish Donaire Anniversaries" (2003-2013)
  • "Faylytopia" (2013)
  • "Mi Habana" (2006)
  • "Marti Day" (2011) Free Workshops Spanish Ballet of Cuba.
  •   "Reflections" (2012)
  •   "One thousand colors" (2010)
  •   "Birth of a New Day" (2009)
  •   "Danzarte" (2008)
  •   "Walk for Life" (2013)
  •   "Filmarte" (2007)
  • "Something more than flamenco" (2012)
  • "Arte Jondo" (2013)
  • "Belinda Crespo, 50 year journey in dance."
Events that i participaded:
  • Artistic galas Grandstands Open
  • Activities Universal Hall of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR)
  • Galas on the anniversary of the Western Army
  • Amateur Festival art in the EMCC Capdevila and Cotorro, grassroots, municipal and provincial
  • Participation in the Festival of Dance
  • Participation in the group of fans of EMCC
  • The Festival of the Federation of Students of Secondary Education (FEEM)
  • Art for the Anniversary Gala of the Western Army
  • La Flor de Virama contest
  • Galas and artistic activities linked to prioritized by the Revolution such as Operation Miracle
  • Closing of the Youth National Games
  • New Year's Eve Galas and school course Brief Fantasy
  • Activities at the Centro Gallego and shows for anniversaries of President Fidel Castro Ruz and inauguration of the Casa de Cultura "March 13"
  • 19th edition of the Festival "The Footprint of Spain"
  • Foundation of the New Latin American Cinema
  • Activities of the Asturian Society Candamo.
  • Dance festivals in the capital's rooms

Name: Isabel Luisa Chewy Monier
Professional experiences:
  • OPERADORA ticker
  • Textile Company Mileta Czechoslovakia 1987-1991
  • Company Union 1993-2005 CubaPetróleo Havana Cuba
  • 2005-2009 Ministry of Tourism Havana Cuba

Name: Mary of Charity Yera Torres
Occupation: Dancer and Teacher
Education: National Art School (ENA)
Work Experience:
  • Folklore group "omi efun" Palace of Pioneers (1992)
  • Grouping "contemporary folk" art catalog brothers Saiz (1993)
  • Association "ensiled World" (1995)
  • Folklore group "omo Olorum" belonging to the company "Ignacio Piñeiro".
Events that have participated:
  • Wemilere of Guanabacoa
  • International Folk Festival in Italy
  • Popular Dances
  • folklor Afrocubano
  • rumba
  • Spanish
  • English level low.

Name: Miriam Bielsa
Occupation: Professor of German language with experience in Spanish for foreigners.
Professional studies:
  • Maxim Gorky Institute of Languages. Cuba
  • Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. Cuba
  • Improvement courses in the Herder Institute in Leipzig. Germany
  • Improvement courses in Patsdam. Germany
  • Improvement courses in Grethe Institut Düsseldorf. Germany
Professional Work:
  • Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages
  • Maxim Gorky Institute of Languages
  • Havana Province Education .Ciudad provincial methodologist.
  • School principal language.
  • Professor of German at the Jose Marti International Airport
  • Professor at the Graduate Institute of International Relations MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Extensive experience as a tutor in different rooms eg .: A staff member of the Swiss Embassy in Cuba.
  • Experience as a tutor of Spanish Swiss and Germans.

Name: Arianna Sabourin Martínez

My career began at 18, when I finish the 12th grade. I enrolled at the School of Dance Seagull there I learned in two years popular dances, folk and contemporary dance appraising with excellent results.
In 1996 I started as a professional dancer in Varadero part of the group Obba Ile under the direction of Alfonso Alfredo Pintado, I remained there for four years. Return to Havana to work in 2000, integrates and Ibbo Alafia Obbara Ire Anna and groupings in the period of one year, then returned to work as a professional in the group ensiled World under the direction of Francisco Toscano for 8 years it belongs to the company Ignacio Piñeiro.
In mid-2008 I turned internationalist mission in Venezuela for 6 months I was a member of Culture mission, working as a teacher of dance and music.
In 2009 integrates the key and Guaguancó D.Deus group led by Amado Hernandez and return to Venezuela for two years on an internationalist mission, back in 2012 and continued my work with my group which today I am a member. I have worked in different places to which I will mention below.
Hotel Los Delfines. Club Turquesa. Hotel International. Gulls 3 and 4. Sol Club Las Sirenas.
Hotel England. Hotel Panorama. Wemileres. UNEAC. Casas de la Música. TV shows. Carnivals. Yoruba Association of Cuba. Salon Rosado La Tropical. Key National Tour and Guaguancó.
Miraflores Palace. Isla Margarita. Teatro Teresa Carreño. Salsa Dance Hall bicentennial Esc and Ashe. Grandparents circles. Dance Festival in Yaracuy.
The Paradise. San Agustin. Flag. Homelessness. El Valle and others.

Full Name: Frank Reynaldo Reyes Fuste

  • 2007-2009 graduate course as a dancer of contemporary dance, Afro-Cuban folklore performances and techniques.
  • 2009 endorsed musicals as dancer
Professional experience
  • Dancer (October 2009) - July 2010, Havana Dance Company show, directed by maestro Andres Gutierrez
  • Dancer, July 2010- December 2010, Company Latin pride, directed by Alain Fernandez
  • Dancer, February 2011 - February 2013, new pine Company, directed by maestro Lázaro Noriega
  • Varadero
  • Aquarium Hotel Marina Hemingway
  • Hotel Club Tropical in Varadero
  • Hotel Kawama, Varadero
  • Hotel Tropicoco Beaches East Havana
  • Havana Club

Full Name: Raniel Ronal Fernández Plario

Villa Clara graduate school of Folkloric Technique. There they begin my beginnings in dance, then I came to Havana where I did my internship in the company of Ballet Folklorico Banrara. I finished my service and I join the Estate Company where I worked for a period of two years. After I joined the Company Orisha Oko and 6 years that I keep working there. I specialize in all kinds of folk dances. I have also participated in many events such as
Dance in Cuba.
Tata Guines course Rumba.
Carnival Mexico.
Performance community projects with Mendibe plastic artist.
Mella theater, Teatro Karl Marx, Miramar Theatre.
Franco Haitian conference in the province of Santiago de Cuba.
Giiemilere Festival in Guanabacoa Abacuá genre among others.

Full Name: Pedro Alarcón Martínez 

He attended school where he graduated varieties as a professional dancer. Currently it belongs to the Music Center in Camagüey.
He has worked as a dancer since 2003 in different companies like: Cyclone Caribbean and Sixth picture and Root Hocanto My Cuba
Then I became a teacher of salsa and dancing at the festival of Malmo in Sweden
He has performed in various cultural activities like
St. Lucia Camaguey Colonial Cabaret, the Caribbean and in all municipalities and other provinces of Camaguey, Cuba Rai dance after
Spend a school where I graduated varieties
Carnival Camagüey

Full Name: William Michel

Ocupation: Assistant

He has taken courses in dance and dances in the National Theatre and the American Theatre. He is currently an assistant professor at our dance academy. It specializes in Salsa (Casino).


Name: Daniel Silveira Gener
Profession: teacher of drums, traditional dances and folk dances
I have a degree from the Cuban Institute of Music, with special knowledge in the
Dance and folk music. I have courses for dance technique at the Centro de Superación de la
Cultura and summer dance classes.
For 10 years I am a participant in cultural activities and part of different folklore-
And folk dance groups, both as dancers and as percussionists. Some of these groups are:
Tercer Mundo, Raíces Profundas, the group Pasión Caribe, the group El Cabildo and the
Folklore group Pinos Nuevos.
I have performed in various discos, including Guanimar Guanimar, Playa
Hermosa, Villa Guanabo and Villa Mégano. Besides, I had performances in the hotels
Commodore, Deauville, Collins and Riviera.
Furthermore, I had performances in different clubs in the capital, so for example. In the clubs La
Red, Amanecer, Sofía, Sheherezada, Karachi, Rio Club, Tikoa, Las Vegas, in the Casa de la Música de
Miramar and in other cultural centers such as. In the Casa de África. At some of these places
The shows were conducted by Jorge Aguilar and Ángela Wilson. The former is the founder of the
Folklore Group & quot; OYORE & quot ;. Jorge Aguilar is currently working as a teacher at our academy.
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  • Thaimi
  • Yiriam
  • Ana

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